Consulting & System Analysis
We believe that by having the best hardware, software and system solutions, your organization will operate effectively and productively. By having the right combination of tools, you will be able to complete your work more efficiently, communicate more clearly, and report information more accurately. To help you reach this goal, we offer a variety of consulting services:

  • • We will meet with you to help you identify your requirements for computer automation.
  • • If you have a specific software need, we can help you address it. By evaluating what you want to accomplish, we can help you pick the most applicable commercial software, enhance your existing software, or design and create a custom application to meet your current business needs.
  • • We will provide system analysis services to document your software requirements. Top

Temporary Help Service
We supply our staff to clients' businesses for limited periods of time to supplement the working force of the client. The client will provide direct supervision of these employees at their work sites. Top

Custom Programming
We have extensive programming experience:

  • • Average of 15 years of experience per employee
  • • Bachelor or higher degrees
  • • Extensive multi-programming language skills
  • • Microsoft and other certifications. Top

We develop and present customized on-site training classes covering the following areas:

  • • Results Software
  • • Office software packages
  • • Business-specific materials like company policies and procedures. Top

Data Conversion
We provide the following data conversion services.

  • • Extracting source data from either paper or various electronic formats.
  • • Converting the data to any required output format.
  • • Manipulating the source data to validate, reformat, or even create additional columns based on your specific requirements and business rules. Top

Data Quality Analysis
To help ensure the quality of your data, we provide the following services:

  • • Analyze your data to assess how well it meets your business rules, identify data inconsistency, and invalid data.
  • • Create analysis reports at the element, record, and table level to identify the extent of any data quality issues and pinpoint the affected data.
  • • Identify the possible source of the data quality issues and recommend the best approach for preventing the reintroduction of bad data.
  • • Correct and resolve the identified data quality issues. Top

Report Creation
We have extensive experience in creating reports using the following products

  • • Crystal Reports
  • • MS-Access
In addition to creating standalone and integrated reports using these products, we have created several specialized reports using custom code written in Clipper and Visual Basic. Top

Application Development
DPS Consulting provides specialized application development and consulting services for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses and non-profits, to associations, corporations, contractors and government agencies.

Our application development services can range from functional enhancements to your existing applications to building and maintaining major systems that integrate with your internal and external systems and data sources.

Our developers specialize in: ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, Delphi, SQL Server, JavaScript, AJAX, and Web 2.0 development. Based on your specific needs, we can build, enhance and maintain systems built on Windows, web-based or mobile technologies.
Our vast application development and consulting experience allows us to deliver comprehensive systems and business solutions that will meet your unique business needs. Top

Additional Services
Additionally we have experience in the following areas:

  • • System Testing and Verification
  • • Configuration Control
  • • Documentation
  • • Best Practices
  • • Management and Program Reviews
  • • Business Analysis
  • • Process Improvement Top